Theory Of Interaction

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The TOI and the Environment

This theory is a comprehensive behavior description for nature. As such, it describes the general mechanism of nature to create life. Clearly, this mechanism is not coherent with the current human behavior that is destroying the planet. Humans are making something that is not coherent with life and for the Theory of Interaction.

The wrong human behavior lies on the performance of wrong interactions, destructive interactions with the environment. From the TOI's point of view, this is reversible. Behaviors that are aligned with the TOI will quicky and passively cause a positive effect on the environment. Even if behaviors are related with earning money or enforcing competition. What are the steps to apply the TOI on societies and to continue existing on this planet?

  1. Validate the TOI. We need to strenghten its basis. This initial text should be validated and formulated formally. A lot of investigation has to be done.
  2. Apply the TOI's principles on governments. Education is the strongest field where it can be applied. From there, the validity of the TOI will prove to be self evident.
  3. Apply the TOI's principles on business. Current business models focused on money can cause destruction due to its goal is not to interact sanely, but to interact monetarily at any price, even if environmental damages are a collateral consequence. As the quality of business interactions will improve, the environmental damage will start to decrease.
  4. Apply the TOI's principles on economy. The current economic models have no strong goals but to grow. This goal is exactly the goal of natural interaction, so, both are compatible. But economic models are nocive because they force development without considering its consequences for some critical subsystems. For example, common people in Europe is starting to interact less, because any economic interaction causes more damage than benefits. This is nature trying to expel destructive systems from the environment. But when nature creates chaos, it could quickly propagate.

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