The biggest benefit caused by the application of the TOI will be probably in economy and business. The basic contribution of the TOI to economy is the fact that the economic model of money greediness combined with some focus on the client will change to zero money greediness and complete focus on the client. Enterprises that apply this principles will embody a new economic model. Of course, seems that this is not profitable. But no. Focusing on the client does not mean decrease earnings. The current economic model focuses on earning money -the priority is the company- but it can change to absolutely satisfying the client -the priority is the client-. A lot of people says here ‘yes, but if I don’t take care of myself (or my company), I can get destroyed’. This is true, because we don’t know how to interact focused on the other without getting destructed. In fact, this is the common natural behavior. The Theory of Interaction points to the actions to follow.

Another big benefit of the TOI will be in national economies. If governments know how to apply its principles, economies will grow and face crisis easily. Crisis are caused because social members reduce the number of interactions to exclude the destructive members. This allergic behavior is nature’s way to produce chaos where something does not follow its laws. Members can be encouraged to interact, but they will do it naturally if interactions follow the principles of the TOI. People need to interact, but can’t. The conditions are not proper, and it is up to governments to change them.

Yet another big application of the TOI is the decreasing of environmental issues. When the economic model changes and focuses on people, it will naturally benefit the environment. The application of the TOI could be the strongest hit to environmental destruction, besides generating stability and benefits at all levels. This is because following this behavior is just following nature. Nature wants humans to exist, but our intelligence has acted backwards.

The previous book from the same author, El Ciclo YDOR (spanish only) is an application of the TOI on the personal level. It has been written two years ago, while the theory was in active development. The printed edition is not available until june 2015.