There are two ways of getting profit from the environment: to build and to destroy (yes, destruction can be very profitable). A person can be constructive and make profit (earn money by helping others, satisfying other’s needs, creating products or services that help keeping the environment stable, etc.). A person can also be destructive and maybe get better profit: earn money by destructing others stability (stealing, killing to steal, cheating, etc.) or the environment (cutting trees and sell the wood, kill elephants to sell ivory, etc.).

This is probably the most precise way of defining good guys and bad guys. Nature is a history of constructive elements, systems, people, winning battles to destructive elements, systems, people. Humanity is a history of good guys winning battles against bad guys. For the rest of the text, destructive people will be called bad guys, and constructive people will be called good guys.

In the past, good guys taught bad guys how to be constructive. But the worst mistake of good guys was helping bad guys to survive and keep breeding. Being permissive with destructive people is good guy’s biggest mistake. Now they rule, and will do what they know better: destroy.

There is another reason the survival ratio of bad guys is very high and will easily destroy good guys: bad guys CAN destroy, but good guys are not destructive by nature. They can’t destroy, not even bad guys. So, it seems that destruction of good guys is inevitable.

But here comes a very interesting fact. The Lotka-Volterra equations are a description of the behavior between predators and preys.

Basically, what this equations say is that when rabbit’s population grows, wolves population will grow due to the availability of food. When that happens, the excess of predators will cause preys population to reduce very quickly. Then, there will be no food. And predators’ population will reduce. Then, rabbits are able again to reproduce. and the cycle repeats. The image at the top expresses the behavior.

Applying this to the behavior of good and bad guys seems completely logical. If we are not able to control overpopulation of good guys, well… nature will do. In fact, we need bad people to help us stop reproducing.

That means that if good guys are unable to control overpopulation, bad guys will inevitably appear and destroy good guys. Nature is just using terrorists, dictators, populists, to protect the planet. When their goal will be achieved, bad guys will just disappear. Probably good guys will also disappear, but that’s not important for nature. Nature just wants to protect the environment. If some species menaces the environment by being excessively constructive, it becomes bad for nature. Nature needs to destroy it.

And that leads to an amazing conclusion: Bad guys are just protecting the environment. Better than good guys.