Recently, I saw the film “An Honest Liar”. A documentary story of the magic-skeptical James Randi. All his life he tried to convince people that people like Uri Geller were just doing tricks. In spite of that, a lot of people believes until this days that Uri Geller had supernatural powers.

James Randi explained this misbelief simply: “The public really doesn’t listen when they are being told straight-forward facts. They would rather accept what some charismatic character tells them than really think about what the truth might be”. Pure vérité. People follows others based on appeals, on appearance. That is, based on sexual instinct.

What is the explanation? Well, nature created a strong instinct on us. Maybe too strong. That is why we prefer to follow charismatic characters than to follow scientists. We identify ourselves with the others more with the appeal than with intelligence. In other words, we prefer to reproduce instead of behaving intelligently.

The consequence is that our intelligence can choose between two possible behaviors: following emotions, which implies trying to get sex and achieve reproduction, and following reason, which is not only reject reproduction, but reject all kind of influence based on sexual instincts. This is a very complex subject. But if it is not addressed, the consequence is that we will continue the current trend of planetary destruction.

In simple terms, in order to choose the most intelligent behavior, we can choose between this two options:

Behave emotionally. Follow the leader, with more reason if he/she has appeals. Do not listen to the intelligent people, follow the groups where there is more probability of having sex (Freud implied that). Do not protect the planet, but protect yourself. Earn money and increase the probability of leaven your DNA on earth. Promote competition, in order to select the individuals with the best genetic material... for reproduction. Therefore, overpopulate the planet with people that focuses on its own, on its survival. Then, cause human extintion.
Behave logically. This may mean stopping our impulses. Do not listen to the charismatic character, but to the ugly scientific. Do not dress well to attract people, in fact, reject the people that has more probability of causing reproduction. Do not promote competition, even if you need to discard all those extremely-capable athletes and bill-gates. Promote intelligent behavior. First, the planet, then you. Then, stop overpopulating the planet and regain ecological balance. 

So, what do you think is the natural outcome? I would say that people will not choose to behave intelligently. People will always follow their instinct. It seems there is nothing we can do.

Well, as it concerns to me, I’m trying to be on the second group. But it means a lot of social rejection. Maybe I will feel better if you come to my side, and let me know about it. This may be nature trying to make us exist, and we need to help her, by choosing when to stop following her instruction of having sex and populating the planet.