In this blog, we always talk about action and reaction, or the Theory of Systems. And we also say that reaction tends to point always to the origin of the action, or the Theory of Interaction. Here we will see how this theories are applicable to the most trivial events in our daily lives.

If I ask you what is the color of your shoes, you probably will look at them and name the color. If I ask you what is the economic (not philosophic) cause of poverty in some african country, you will need some time to think and will probably mention some reasons. But if you reduce your answer to one reason, you have reduced the whole african economic system to a very simple object. In fact, you would be processing economic information like a shoe color. When we think in reasons, trying to see as far as possible, we say we are using the systemic thinking.

We tend to become reactional thinking. We should become more systemic thinking.