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Theory Of Interaction Why can you grab a pebble of rock with your fingers without disintegrating it? Which is the mechanism that permits the pebble to continue having order, existence, persistence to time and reacting properly to the interaction with your fingers? Does the pebble increase order or chaos when it interacts with water? What determines it to lose integrity? Is reorganization a natural consequence of dissipation? That is the subject of study of the Theory of Interaction. Its applications reach a multiple and wide scope.

This is an abstract of the book contents:

Interaction is the language of nature. An interaction is composed by an action and a reaction; it is just an exchange of contents between two natural entities (unidimensional contents as energy, light, pure chemical compounds, etc., multidimensional and complex matter as natural organisms, molecules, food, etc., messages codified into hyperdimensional matter and energy, as money, words, encrypted data, a smile, etc.). Atoms interact, animals interact, planets interact, systems interact, people interact, countries interact. Interaction provides order. Order that persists in time provides existence to things. A human group exists as long as there is interaction (communicating, sharing purposes, showing common features, etc.). When interaction ends, order ends and chaos raises.

Interaction is nature’s mechanism to create life (biologic life is just one form of it). As we humans are destroying our planet -destroying life-, we are doing something against life and nature. Therefore we are interacting badly. Humans need to learn how does nature interact and imitate that. Companies need to imitate nature. Governments, schools, businesses and every kind of social system need to imitate nature. This is absolutely ecologic and represents the future paradigm of living, making money and creating development. Companies have already started to follow this path without knowing this theory. Free software and Wikipedia are clear examples of sane systemic interaction. This is the first formulation of this theory: interaction has never been studied formally.

To know more about interaction, please visit this links: Interaction, Frequently Asked Questions and Nomenclature. Some examples of interaction can be found in Applications. You can also read about the effects of interaction on the environment and how you can produce a real effect on the environment (not just selecting the garbage and turning off the lights when you leave a room).

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